Wow! What an amazing couple of months so far. 

Our cupping system is finally starting to get into a groove and we're learning more and more every time we go through the process. 

This month we were sent 48 coffees from 12 different roasters! You can find all of our cupping data here.

We are so so so excited to announce this month's roasters!

Welcome to Everett, April! 

Welcome to Everett, April! 

April Coffee Roasters is an exciting project from Patrik Rolf coming to Everett all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark! Patrik is well known all across the European and global coffee scene as being one of the leading sourcers and roasters of specialty coffee and this reputation was certainly borne out on our blind cupping table. Patrik spent time growing Five Elephant in Berlin, Germany and garnering a reputation for them as one of the best roasters out there.  He's carried his incredible attention to detail, pursuit of excellence, and focus on tastiness with him as he moved to Copenhagen to start his own business, April Coffee Roasters. He's roasting on a Loring and achieving some of the most transparent and beautiful roast profiles we've ever tasted. 

Looking through our cupping data, you'll see that their scores are nearly 10 points higher than any other roaster on the table. We think you're really going to love their coffees and it will be worth a trip up to Everett if you're not local. If you are, make sure to pick up a bag or two of their coffees while you can. We're expecting them to sell out rather quickly. 

April's Coffee will be available August 3rd behind the bar and on the retail shelves! 

We are so excited to welcome Augies to Everett for the first time, from sunny (and super hot!) Redlands, CA! I can't say enough good things about Augies. I've been friends with their owner Austin Amento for about 4 1/2 years now and have been enjoying their coffees for as long. I've watched them grow from a single location to have multiple locations all across California's Inland Empire. They are family owned, independent coffee company that does such great work. Their crew is amazing and always shows really well at various coffee competitions across the country. I'm lucky enough to call more than a couple of them friends. 

Their coffees are always delicious and we are so stoked to work with them this month! They have always been a big inspiration for me as they've been making coffee for under-served communities outside of LA for years now. They've spearheaded specialty coffee in the inland empire (area east of LA composed of Riverside County and San Bernardino County) and have paved the way for a robust coffee scene there. It's truly an honor to finally be able to work with their coffees, especially since I've been enjoying their coffees at home for so long. 

We are SO excited to feature coffees from these two amazing roasters (in addition to our friends at Velton's Coffee and Spotted Cow Coffee) for the month of August. You won't want to miss this month!