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Narrative Coffee is a hospitality driven, quality forward coffee bar located in downtown Everett, WA. We believe in our community, specialty coffee, and the power of sharing stories. We are normal folks who work hard to serve our guests in the best possible way we can. We also really love coffee. We are an ingredient forward establishment, meaning that to our estimation the most important factor in the end product is what goes into it. Coffee is the most crucial element to this equation as it’s what we are building our business upon.


Our coffee program is simple and focused on giving us tools to serve our guests’ needs to the best of our abilities. We work with three roasters at a time. We feature Velton’s Coffee based here in Everett as our anchor roaster and have two other seats that rotate. We decide who we feature each month by cupping samples we receive from roasters from all over the world. We hold the deciding cupping a couple Sundays before the end of the month. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a schedule. Our decisions are based only on the offerings sent for consideration for each month as we choose specific, fresh crop coffees that fit within our menu.

Our espresso offerings rotate frequently and we hold two coffees on at a time, plus a decaf (please send us your favorite decaf too!). Our espresso and filter bar have a “tame” and a “wild” option every day. The tame selection is meant to be an easy drinking option suitable for just about everyone and should take cream and sugar well. It should still be complex enough to intrigue a seasoned coffee professional while being approachable to everyone. Here we are looking for a low to medium acid coffee with strong anchor notes and lots of sweetness. The wild option tends to be a more exploratory offering highlighting top notes, exotic flavors, or unique processing techniques with a medium to high acidity of sparkling quality.

We are in an area where specialty coffee is still relatively new to our regular guests but we are close enough to Seattle to attract a decent crowd of coffee enthusiasts on weekends. We are focused on offering our regular guests opportunities to explore coffee and learn about it, but also having a nice comfortable safety net. Because of this focus on exploration and new experiences, we are choosing to serve only single origin coffees at this time.


We source coffees by evaluating them on the cupping table. We look at roasters’ offerings in total – we need at least three coffees that are viable for our menu from each roaster. Coffees should remind us of the origin of coffee as a tropical fruit and should exhibit a majority of these characteristics (keeping in mind the use of the coffees as stated above): clarity of flavor, cleanliness, brightness, sweetness, vibrancy, intrigue, complexity, ripeness of flavor, and balance.

We currently record all of the coffees we receive on an active and live database. All of the scores are uploaded every cupping and published on the web. We assign a random ID number to each roaster who sends us samples and you alone will be privy to your number, so while the data will be fully transparent, the names of companies will be private. This should enable functional and transparent feedback while keeping scores anonymous. We want to help create an open feedback loop so that we can all grow together!  This system will continue to grow as we grow and may change from time to time.

As far as cupping preferences go, we tend to choose coffees that are sweet, clean, dynamic, and exhibit clarity of flavor. Herbaceous coffees and savory dominant coffees tend not to do as well. We strive to evaluate coffees according to how well they represent coffees of that type.

Thank you so much for sending us samples! We know that it’s not a small expense to send your beautiful coffees all the way to the northwest corner of the US. Any unused sample coffee will be brewed for the homeless community in our area and for staff to pick from for brewing at their homes.


Thank you so much for considering Narrative Coffee as a partner. We believe in specialty coffee and are so thankful for all of the hard work everyone puts in along the supply chain. We work hard every day to make sure we are representing all of that hard work well by serving our guests delicious coffee with warmth and hospitality.


Maxwell A. Mooney



-Please send us 3-5 single origin coffees (decaf's too, plz). We *require* at least 3. 
-80-150g samples are ideal
-Everything is decided on a blind cupping table, so marketing materials are appreciated but not necessary (save a tree?)
-Our schedule is below, consult that to plan for how you'd like to get samples to us
-Ship to 2927 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA 98201
-Know that we are extremely grateful and honored to sample your hard work
-Our cupping form is available here. Due to the volume of samples we receive monthly, your roaster ID and coffee info will be shared on request
- Please send us coffees you plan to have through the rest of the month. We typically order about 60-70lbs of a given coffee per month.


- January – we won’t be holding a cupping for featuring a roaster for the month of February, instead we will allow our staff to decide to bring
back roasters we’ve already worked with that they would like to see on our bar again.

- February 18th

- March 18th

- April 22nd

- May 20th

- June 17th

- July 22nd


- September 23rd

- October 21st

- November 18th

- December 16th