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Narrative Coffee is a hospitality driven, quality forward coffee bar located in downtown Everett, WA. We believe in our community, specialty coffee, and the power of sharing stories. We are normal folks who work hard to serve our guests in the best possible way we can. We also really love coffee. We are an ingredient forward establishment, meaning that to our estimation the most important factor in the end product is what goes into it. Coffee is the most crucial element to this equation as it’s what we are building our business upon.


At Narrative Coffee, we hope to share the amazing range of flavors coffee can have with our guests. Instead of striving for consistency of flavor in our products – we simply strive for consistency in execution of quality. To us, the most fun thing about coffee is how crazy different it can be and many amazing flavors there are to explore. Every cup is a journey!

We love coffees that remind us of coffee’s origin as a tropical fruit. Coffees that are lively, complex, vibrant, fruity, floral, herbal, sweet, deep, and ultimately fun make us happy. We tend to not like coffees that are savory dominant, herbaceous, green tasting, musty, roasty, or earthy.

Because of our focus on exploration and understanding of specialty coffee, we are *only serving single origin coffees* at this time.

We carry three roasters at a time – Velton’s Coffee is our mainstay roaster and the other two slots rotate on a bi-monthly basis and are selected via a blind cupping protocol.


We believe in the power of data, feedback, and communication to help transform our industry. Getting a source of genuine, substantive feedback can be quite a challenge as a roaster, so we sought to help offer some of that as a thank you for sending us samples!

When you send us coffee, we process it and assign you a number called your Roaster ID. That number changes every cupping and the only people who know your number are the people involved in the cupping (only after the fact) and you. We grade all of the coffees we get sent to us on our own cupping form, then average the scores of those coffees (we drop the lowest score if you send 4 or 5 coffees) and that averaged number becomes your Roaster Score. The roasters with the two highest Roaster Scores are who we select to work with for the following two-month period.

This will take you to our cupping form, which includes all of the months we’ve ever cupped. Peruse through the notes sections as well to get a sense for what we notice about coffees.


-       Send us 3-5 single origin coffees

-      80g – 100g samples are ideal

-       Ship to 2927 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA 98201

-       Since everything is decided blindly, please don’t send marketing or promotional materials

-       Send decaf too plz (we’ll exclude it from the main cupping unless you ask us to include it, then cup the winner’s decafs separately to decide). There have been decafs good enough to raise roasters’ scores in the past!

-       Thank you so much! Any coffee left over will go to our staff and a local homeless shelter



-       March 21st

-       May 19th

-       July 21st

-       September 22nd


- January 19th, 2020