We are super stoked about bringing Baby Ketten to Everett (along with friend Joseph Erickson!).

Baby Ketten is a karaoke pop up that started in Portland, OR but has expanded to include the lovely state of Washington. BKK specializes in high fidelity music and studio-quality reproductions of songs that may not be on the top 40 but slap real hard and warrant a good karaoke sing off.

It's been described as "hipster" karaoke and since everyone calls us hipsters anyway, we figured why the heck not? Ride your fixie right on over, wax up your mustache, and put on your patchouli and party hardy! Non hipsters welcome tho. In fact, please come if you're not a hipster. You'll fit right in. Just come after a hard day at work and friggin bust out some tunes and hang with some friends.

Come belt out some karaoke with us. Sing some Thrice songs. Or Portugal. The Man. Or Tame Impala. Or Run the Jewels. Or Leonard Cohen. Or practically every Oasis song except Wonderwall. Or Beyonce. Or even... underOATH? Yuh. You can find music you dig.

Find what you want to sing here: http://babyketten.com/


No Cover. All ages till 11:30p!