simple but not simplistic

Coffee is the seed of a tropical fruit. The best coffees, to our mind, are the ones that remind us of that fact. Bright, sweet, vibrant, layered, complex, ripe, and balanced. These characteristics describe the coffee we are constantly striving to achieve. Preparing a cup of coffee, at its core, is a simple task. But preparing a more perfect cup of coffee is a constant chase... and its quite a thrilling one at that. Coffee is the most chemically complex food that humans consume. Brewed coffee has upwards of 900 volatile aromatic compounds, more than double that of wine. Yet often, coffee is thought of as having only one purpose - to wake you up in the morning. While that is a wonderful perk, it is hardly all coffee is good for. Coffee has such incredible diversity of flavors to be explored and appreciated. Come explore with us! But don't worry. If you just need to get a delicious cup of coffee and get on with your day, you can do that here too. No worries. 


our promise to you 

We promise to serve you in a way that is hospitable, friendly, non-judgmental, and encouraging. We promise to make your drink to the best of our abilities. And to make coffee fun again. We're definitely into that. 



Our Values

1.) Hospitality is Paramount - hospitality and hostile come from the same Latin root word, hostis. Hostis meant stranger or enemy. Hostility is what takes a stranger and turns them into an enemy. Hospitality, then, is the art of transforming strangers into friends.

2.) Quality Offered Humbly - we believe in quality in all its facets. From ingredients, to preparation, to service: quality is not negotiable. Furthermore, quality products and service must be offered with humility. A haughty spirit will only take away from the quality we seek.

3.) Make Room for Everyone - we will make room at our table for everyone.

4.) Create Community - we seek to encourage and foster community in our spaces. Furthermore, we seek to engage and serve the communities in which we work. 


who we are 

Narrative Coffee is made up of people who like people. As a whole, we want to be nice to you and make you coffee that tastes delicious. We're serious about both things in the way that we spend far too much of our personal time working to become better at what we do. We like to: be outdoors, read books, get involved in our community, make music, make art, make food, eat food, drink delicious things, visit friends' coffee shops, explore the world, and we like to make coffee for Everett. 

Maxwell is a coffee geek through and through. He has competed and placed well in a number of barista competitions including holding the 3rd place Pacific Northwest Regional Barista Championship title, he's ranked nationally in the last two United States Barista Championships bringing in the 13th highest score at the 2016 USBC, he's placed in the elite eight at the Coffee Fest World Latte Art Championship in Chicago 2015 and Portland 2015 besting two first place title holders in the process. He was invited to serve coffee at the TED conference in Vancouver BC/Whistler BC. He's won over a dozen regional latte art throwdowns. He has been a community organizer for events focused at helping the coffee industry in the greater Seattle area. He also has an entire Instagram feed dedicated to latte art because he's silly. He also likes to write in the third person (but doesn't like to talk about himself so much, but his friends and mentors told him he had to list out all his accomplishments...) and use the royal "we." 

Richard has an absolute passion and love for coffee. He's been chasing more perfect coffee at home for a number of years and his chase led him to a full blown coffee shop. He can talk with the best of them about extraction, quality coffee making equipment, data and research, spreadsheets, geckos and other reptiles, track racing and bikes, and pretty much any other interest you can imagine. 

Our baristas though, are who make the place really interesting. Come in, get to know them, and find yourself in easy conversation.