welcome. we're excited to serve you.




welcome. we're excited to serve you.



Narrative Coffee is an Everett based, community focused, quality forward coffee company. We view coffee as a craft to be honed and perfected. We celebrate unique, bright, and vibrant coffees grown around the world and roasted by some of the best roasters in Snohomish county, the PNW, the US, and the world. We desire to serve these beautiful coffees with humility and warmth in a way that invites people in to the wonderful world we are so excited about. We're here to help put Everett on the coffee map. 

We just opened our flagship brick and mortar location in a circa 1921 building that floods with light from big windows, 4 breathtaking skylights, exposed original rafters and original brick walls. Our overall hope was to create a living room for Everett that feels clean, comfortable, and welcoming. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

You can find us at: 
2927 Wetmore Ave, 
Everett, WA, 98201

M-F : 7a-6p
Sat : 8a -6p
Sun : 8a-5p


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