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"2017 Sprudgie Awards - WINNER for BEST NEW CAFE" 

One of the most prestigious awards available in the coffee industry. Truly an incredible honor to hold this title. We were selected from 6 cafes nominated throughout the world, from Dublin to Seoul. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us! 


"Narrative Coffee, a Story from Everett, Washington." 
28th of August, 2016

"The city 30 miles north of Seattle welcomed a new option of the high-end-cart variety when Narrative Coffee Co., the project from veteran barista competitor Maxwell Mooney, opened on July 4 in the heart of the city’s small downtown core."

"Everett Rising: First Look Inside Narrative Coffee’s New Brick And Mortar"
10th of June, 2017

"This cafe is for them—this city has an incredible music scene, an art gallery scene, and I want to serve those folks, to be an incubator for them, and in a small way help the community here in Everett grow and develop."


Everett Herald

"New Coffee Shop In Downtown Everett is Getting Rave Reviews."
5th of July, 2017

"Narrative Coffee is the brainchild of Everett’s Maxwell Mooney. A nationally ranked barista, Mooney has created a coffee mecca in downtown Everett that is drawing rave reviews"

"Narrative Coffee Brings San Francisco Cafe Feel to Everett"
7th of September, 2017

"[Narrative Coffee is...] very Everett — kinda spare but welcoming, directed at what’s important and community oriented.

The word is out. Narrative opened earlier this summer, and yet new customers become regulars each day."



Live In Everett

"Narrative Coffee Writes a New Chapter In Everett.
2nd of November, 2016

"Narrative’s reputation is built on a dedication to high-quality products: from a direct relationship with a local dairy farm, to customers’ choices in gourmet chocolates.
'Quality implicitly promotes sustainability, not just for the company but also for the grower,' Max told me. 'A delicious cup of coffee speaks for itself.'


Evvy Award - Everett's Best Coffee Shop
2nd of December, 2016

"This is crazy. Narrative won best coffee shop without being open during the contest! We guess owner Maxwell Mooney really won peoples' hearts while running his pop-up cart over the summer. We get it. Great coffee, unique drinks, great service. Narrative is an experience."

Evvy Award - Everett's Friendliest Staff
4th of September, 2017

"Every time my husband and I go into the shop, we feel such warmth and love from every single employee. Whether it's bonding over jazz music or meeting each other for the first time, the Narrative staff never shy away from making you feel at home"



daily Coffee news

Narrative Coffee Spreads the Specialty Story in Everett, Washington
7th of August, 2017

"At any given time, the shop features one local or semi-local roaster, one from the wider Pacific Northwest region, and one from elsewhere in the nation or from abroad. In keeping with his love of competition, Mooney and his staff select each coffee through a consumer-oriented cupping and scoring system based on a proprietary cupping form of their own design."


The Coffee Compass

"Narrative Coffee Pops Up in Everett, Washington."
17th of July, 2016




I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast

"Pop Up Coffee with Maxwell Mooney"


Live in Everett Podcast

"Hot Shots and Cool Vibes"