Featured Roasters August

Featured Roasters August

Wow! What an amazing couple of months so far. 

Our cupping system is finally starting to get into a groove and we're learning more and more every time we go through the process. 

This month we were sent 48 coffees from 12 different roasters! You can find all of our cupping data here.

We are so so so excited to announce this month's roasters!

Welcome to Everett, April! 

Welcome to Everett, April! 

April Coffee Roasters is an exciting project from Patrik Rolf coming to Everett all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark! Patrik is well known all across the European and global coffee scene as being one of the leading sourcers and roasters of specialty coffee and this reputation was certainly borne out on our blind cupping table. Patrik spent time growing Five Elephant in Berlin, Germany and garnering a reputation for them as one of the best roasters out there.  He's carried his incredible attention to detail, pursuit of excellence, and focus on tastiness with him as he moved to Copenhagen to start his own business, April Coffee Roasters. He's roasting on a Loring and achieving some of the most transparent and beautiful roast profiles we've ever tasted. 

Looking through our cupping data, you'll see that their scores are nearly 10 points higher than any other roaster on the table. We think you're really going to love their coffees and it will be worth a trip up to Everett if you're not local. If you are, make sure to pick up a bag or two of their coffees while you can. We're expecting them to sell out rather quickly. 

April's Coffee will be available August 3rd behind the bar and on the retail shelves! 

We are so excited to welcome Augies to Everett for the first time, from sunny (and super hot!) Redlands, CA! I can't say enough good things about Augies. I've been friends with their owner Austin Amento for about 4 1/2 years now and have been enjoying their coffees for as long. I've watched them grow from a single location to have multiple locations all across California's Inland Empire. They are family owned, independent coffee company that does such great work. Their crew is amazing and always shows really well at various coffee competitions across the country. I'm lucky enough to call more than a couple of them friends. 

Their coffees are always delicious and we are so stoked to work with them this month! They have always been a big inspiration for me as they've been making coffee for under-served communities outside of LA for years now. They've spearheaded specialty coffee in the inland empire (area east of LA composed of Riverside County and San Bernardino County) and have paved the way for a robust coffee scene there. It's truly an honor to finally be able to work with their coffees, especially since I've been enjoying their coffees at home for so long. 

We are SO excited to feature coffees from these two amazing roasters (in addition to our friends at Velton's Coffee and Spotted Cow Coffee) for the month of August. You won't want to miss this month!

Featured Roasters: June

We are so excited to announce our featured roasters for our opening menu!

If you're not familiar with how our coffee program works, we have 3 separate "seats" that represent Snohomish County, the Pacific Northwest, and the nation/world. To choose these seats, we invite roasters to send us at least three coffees to consider for our menu. We then receive coffees from roasters from all over the world (which was a lot!), we then assign a roaster ID to each roaster (the identity of which only we and the roasters know), then attach a number to each coffee they sent us up to 5, then blindly arrange and taste them. While we are tasting these, we grade them on a scale from 0-10 with 5 being average, with 10 total characteristics receiving a 1-10 score. The total of those qualities are then added together for each coffee, and the roaster's score is derived by finding the average of all of their coffees. We then choose the highest scoring roaster for each seat from these scores, and voilá! we have managed to sort through some of the best roasters across the world to find beautiful coffees to serve to you!

We are so excited to announce that in addition to serving coffees from Spotted Cow and Velton's Coffee (our Snohomish County roasters), we will be serving coffees from...


Camber Coffee out of Bellingham, WA filling our Pacific Northwest Regional spot and Quills Coffee, out of Louisville, KY taking the National/International spot!  


For those of you who are either roasters or numbers people, here is our brand new cupping form. After taking it for a spin, it's clear that we'll need to make some adjustments to the overall system, but we are SO excited about pioneering this tool that will help us ensure you're getting the best coffee possible, every time. 



A Note To Roasters

A Note To Roasters

Narrative Coffee // 2927 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA 98201

Hello! We are so humbled that you're interested in working with us here at Narrative Coffee. I thought I’d draft this little note up to help explain a little bit about who we are, what our program looks like, and how we source our coffees in order to help clarify expectations for how we work with our roasting partners. I know how much work you (and your team, most likely) put into your products and I don’t want to waste your time nor leave you unsure as to why we made the choices we did.


Narrative Coffee is a hospitality driven, quality forward coffee bar located in downtown Everett, WA. We believe in our community, specialty coffee, and the power of sharing stories. We are normal folks who work hard to serve our guests in the best possible way we can. We also really love coffee. We are an ingredient forward establishment, meaning that to our estimation the most important factor in the end product is what goes into it. Coffee is the most crucial element to this equation as it’s what we are building our business upon.


Our coffee program is simple and focused on giving us tools to serve our guests’ needs to the best of our abilities. We work with three roasters at a time and each of them occupies a geographical and philosophical position within specialty coffee which we refer to as “seats.” We carry a Snohomish County (our county) roaster, a Pacific Northwest Regional roaster, and a national/international roaster. The Snohomish county seat is dually held by Spotted Cow in Mill Creek, WA and Velton’s Coffee in Everett, WA. The PNW and Nat’l/Int’l seat both rotate monthly. We hold the deciding cupping a couple Saturdays before the end of the month. Below, you’ll find a schedule. Our decisions are based only on the offerings sent for consideration for each month as we choose specific, fresh crop coffees that fit within our menu.

Our espresso offering rotates frequently and we hold two coffees on at a time, plus a decaf (please send us your favorite decaf too!). Our espresso and filter bar have a “tame” and a “wild” option every day. The tame selection is meant to be an easy drinking option suitable for just about everyone and should take cream and sugar well. It should still be complex enough to intrigue a seasoned coffee professional while being approachable to everyone. Here we are looking for a low to medium acid coffee with strong anchor notes and lots of sweetness. The wild option tends to be a more exploratory offering highlighting top notes, exotic flavors, or unique processing techniques with a medium to high acidity of sparkling quality.

We are in an area where specialty coffee is still relatively new to our regular guests but we are close enough to Seattle to attract a decent crowd of coffee enthusiasts on weekends. We are focused on offering our regular guests opportunities to explore coffee and learn about it, but also having a nice comfortable safety net. Because of this focus on exploration and new experiences, we are choosing to serve only single origin coffees at this time.


We source coffees by evaluating them on the cupping table. We look at roasters’ offerings in total – we need at least three coffees that are viable for our menu from each roaster. Coffees should remind us of the origin of coffee as a tropical fruit and should exhibit a majority of these characteristics (keeping in mind the use of the coffees as stated above): clarity of flavor, cleanliness, brightness, sweetness, vibrancy, intrigue, complexity, ripeness of flavor, and balance.

Coming shortly, we will have an active and live database with all of our scores uploaded every cupping (up to 10 roasters) and published on the web. We will assign a random ID number to each roaster who sends us samples and you alone will be privy to your number, so while the data will be fully transparent, the names of companies will be private. This should enable functional feedback to see how you stack up with the total pack, without throwing anyone under the bus. We want to help create an open feedback loop so that we can all grow together!  This system will take some time to fully develop and implement, but it is the goal we are working toward.

Thank you so much for sending us samples! We know that it’s not a small expense to send your beautiful coffees all the way to the northwest corner of the US. Any unused sample coffee will be brewed for the homeless community in our area and for staff to pick from for brewing at their homes.


Thank you so much for considering Narrative Coffee as a partner. We believe in specialty coffee and are so thankful for all of the hard work everyone puts in along the supply chain. We work hard every day to make sure we are representing all of that hard work well by serving our guests delicious coffee with warmth and hospitality.


Maxwell A. Mooney



Please have samples to us and ready to brew by the dates below. Samples that are received after these dates won’t be considered, no matter how delicious they may be (unless we’ve prearranged for some coffees that are soon-to-land, for instance).

May 19th

June 24th

July 22nd

August 19th

September 23rd

October 21st

November 18th

December 23rd